Educational Opportunities

  Educational Opportunities

Certification Classes and Continuing Education

Hydro Mobile Training: M series

Presented by Randy Tuinder with Hydro Mobile
August 22, 2018

8am-10am Classroom Training at the Belle Creek Family Center Meeting Room

10693 Belle Creek Blvd
Henderson, CO 80640

10:30am-12:30pm Practical Training at HydroRents

9700 E 104th Ave, Suite D
Henderson, CO 80640

Included in this training:

Each person will get a copy of the owner's manual and a training card good for 5 years.

This course will provide 4.0 credits in the Safety Category of the RMMI Certification Program

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Structural Masonry for Non-Engineers
RMMI Certification CORE Course
Presented by: Michael Schuller, P.E.
September 6, 2018 1pm-4pm
AGC Basement Boardroom
686 Mariposa Street
Denver, CO 80204

Reinforced masonry is economical and has a great capacity to resist loads while providing long-term durability. Masonry industry professionals (including mason contractors, material suppliers, architects, and engineers) will benefit from a basic understanding of masonry structural design and what parameters define the capacity of reinforced masonry construction. This course will discuss the fundamentals of masonry engineering design without getting into complicated mathematical formulae to provide insight into how masonry buildings work and the importance of basic material properties for beams, walls, and columns.
Course Outline
Learning Objectives
  1. Discuss code sections that pertain to masonry structural design and the general design information contained in those sections.
  2. Describe how masonry responds to compression, flexure and shear loads.
  3. Show how reinforcement placement within a wall section affects wind load capacity.
  4. Understand the need for lap splices and how stress is transferred at a splice.

This course will provide 3.0 credits in the Quality Assurance and Best Practices category of the RMMI Certification Program.
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Construction Contracts Part 2

Presented by: Josh Pellant with  Faegre, Barker Daniels.
September 27, 2018 9-11am
AGC Conference Room (top floor)
686 Mariposa Street
Denver, CO 80204

This course will provide 1.5 credits in the Ethics and Business Practices Category of the RMMI Certification Program.

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Enhanced Performance Installation Systems for Thin Adhered Masonry Veneer (AMV)

October 17, 2018 11am-1pm
AGC Basement Classroom
686 Mariposa Street
Denver, CO 80204

Provider:   LATICRETE International Inc. (J-037)               
Program #: AIA-20                   Credits: AIA HSW SD                          Length: 60 - 90 Minutes     
Description:  Have you ever heard this argument during design development “We will use the X system because that is the way we have always built it”?  In many cases this methodology of design protects the firm from inherent liabilities by using systems that are tried and true.  Sometimes, however when innovative new building products, systems or technologies are integrated with old installation practices and the results can actually be increased liability for a firm.  This issue can be further compounded with the challenges of building more energy efficient, light weight structures.  This CEU will focus on new installation methods, substrates and waterproofing options for the “thin is in” Adhered Masonry Veneer (Thin Brick, Manufactured Stone and Thin Natural Stone) exterior façade finishes.  Standards development and code compliance will be discussed. Legislation for improved energy efficiency and the effects on core and shell design will be presented.  A case study overview will be presented between materials used and costs for a traditional masonry construction versus a thin adhered lightweight veneer structure.  Attendees will gain an overall understanding of some of the new building envelope construction methods and will develop a better understanding of the influence of energy efficient design on construction trends.

Learning Objectives:
At the end of the program, the participant will be able to:
  1. Understand the design principles and products related to thin adhered masonry veneer.
  2. Compare and contrast the traditional versus new technology installation systems to adhere thin veneer products to the exterior façade of a building.
  3. Review standards development and code compliance for adhered masonry veneers.
  4. Develop a better understanding of how the green trend is affecting core and shell design, and the future requirements for incorporating energy efficiency into structures.
  5. Analyze the cost comparison between traditional methods and new technology installation methods for adhered masonry veneers.
A highly visual powerpoint presentation that incorporates photo images, and computer animation will be used.  There will be a questions and answer period at the end of the program, however, the program is designed to be interactive and questions are encouraged throughout as well.

Target Audience:
Architect, Engineers, Specifiers, Owners and other Design Professionals in the commercial, residential and industrial markets.

This course will provide 1.0 credits in the Masonry Products Category of the RMMI Certification Program.

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RMMI Lunch and Learns for Engineers

RMMI Lunch and Learn: Local Masonry Material Properties, Episode II: Attack of the Stones
September 26, 2018
12499 West Colfax Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80215

In our last discussion of local masonry material properties, we had a lively conversation regarding brick, block, and street protests. However, we were unable to discuss in detail the implications of material properties on material testing. In this Lunch 'n Learn, we will quickly summarize the local material properties conversation and discuss masonry material testing in more detail. We will discuss the pro's and con's of various types of masonry testing and whether or not these tests belong in your masonry specifications. Please bring your questions regarding masonry material testing.

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