The Rocky Mountain Masonry Foundation was established to support and enhance architecture, engineering and masonry apprentice education programs. The foundation is a 501(c)3, that provides equipment, tools, materials, texts and scholarships to further the education of future designers and masons.

There are numerous ways you can support the mission of the Rocky Mountain Masonry Foundation.

Opportunities to Give
Giving to the Rocky Mountain Masonry Foundation is easy.  Donations can be made in any amount and can be designated for a particular type of program or for unrestricted funds.  We work closely with you to develop a program of giving that meets your needs and interests.

Annual Gifts can be made in the form of an outright contribution, employee giving program, or by attending one of our special events.

Outright Contribution - An outright gift is an easy way to give.  Gifts to the Rocky Mountain Masonry Foundation whether cash, securities, assets, property, or other, are tax deductible as allowed by the IRS.  Your contributions will enrich many lives in our community.  Make a contribution today!

Employee Giving Program - A payroll deduction is another simple way to give.  Employees may pledge an amount to be deducted from each paycheck or a one-time donation.  These pre-tax donations can be sent directly to the Foundation and are, of course, tax deductible.

Special Events and Projects - The Rocky Mountain Masonry Foundation raises money through a variety of fun special events.  You can become involved by sponsoring, volunteering, donating products or services, or simply by attending an event.

Lasting Gifts can also be made to the Rocky Mountain Masonry Foundation.  By adding RMMF to your estate plan, we can help you realize your philanthropic goals.  There are several tools available to make a lasting gift that will support our community for years to come and provide significant tax benefits.

Bequests - Naming the Rocky Mountain Masonry Foundation as a beneficiary can be the simplest gift.  The gift may be made from your IRAs or other qualified retirement plan, life insurance policy, or commercial annuities.

Transfer-on-Death (TOD) - Similar to the beneficiary designation form, the TOD (also called pay-on-death) is easy to complete.  It enables you to name the Rocky Mountain Masonry Foundation, as a transfer-on-death beneficiary of your bank savings accounts, CDs, and other non-retirement investment accounts.

Memorial Fund - By establishing a memorial fund for a deceased loved one, your loved one's name will become a permanent legacy with great meaning.