2017 Certification Courses

Please join us for our upcoming 2017 Certification Courses!

RMMI Certification Course: STONE Part 1- Thin Veneers

Denver, CO 80204
646 Mariposa Street, Room 204
10am-12pm CITCApril 5th at

This year RMMI will be offering a three part Stone Series as part of our 2107 Certification Schedule. Part One will cover Thin Veneers presented by Julie Schmidt with General Shale.

Objectives include:
  1. Understand characteristics of natural thin veneers
  2. Learn about installation methods: Lath, Polymer Modified Thinsets, Panel Systems
  3. Understand thin veneer specifications and compliancy with Thin Stone and Thin Brick
  4. Discuss Continuous Insulation, Water Vapor Barrier with Fastening Systems
  5. Managing Water Infiltration
  6. Discover design solutions using thin veneer